Target Sprint

ISSF Target Sprint combines fitness and precision, shooting and running. The new event mixes indeed air rifle shooting and middle distance running. It requires participants to be fast, accurate shooters and to possess excellent physical fitness. The setting of the event is design to reduce organizational and participation costs, and there’s no complicated scoring system. Athletes are aiming at falling targets, the single shot air rifles are provided by the organisers, and decisions are immediately clear: the first who crosses the finish line, is the winner.
Rules: pdf

Air Rifles We can provide Air Rifles suitable for Sports Class I , II and Precision Class III. We will have the New Tau Brno MK300M and Aeron ISSF available soon, offering regulated 7.5 Joule single shot Air rifles for good value prices.

Knock down targets  – 5 x 35 Hiit zone with reset pull
Comes with 5 x hole size reducers to reduce zone to 20 mm and a pellet tray.
Not available at present 
reducers spacers tray

  Ammunition Our Final Match Diabolo – Wadcutter type pellets are most suitable for 10 Meter target shooting air rifles.