Hill MK4 PCP Dry Pac Pump (900 Type)


Din 200 Adapter model

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4th Gen Hill Pump with Dry Pac.

Latest 4th Generation Design features.

1. Less Effort, we have made the MK4 pump even easier to pump.
2. High Volume, we have kept the highest volume output so less pumping.
3. Field Service, you can strip the pump in the field quickly with few tools.
4. Hill Warranty, each pump carries the Hill Limited Lifetime Warranty.
5. Using the Patented, Hill Dry Pac gives 90% Dry Air, great for your gun.
6. DIN200 female fill adapter

The -900 Series Pump comes with 200 Din connection angled on base. This allows Match type airgun cylinders / fill adapters to screw direct into pump. E.g. Steyr, Pardini, Morini and other match airguns.

If you are wanting to know how many full strokes of our MK4 PCP Pump will be required to fill your air gun cylinder we have devised the following formula for you to use:

This formula calculates the approximate number of full strokes of our MK4 pump at any point.

The pressure should be expressed in BAR (1 BAR = 14.508 PSI) and capacity in Litres (L).

(End Pressure – Starting Pressure) x Cylinder Capacity / 0.225 = Number of Strokes.