FX/ Aeron Dreamline STX FT


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The Aeron/FX Dreamline STX is a fully regulated – sub 12 ft/lbs – single shot air rifle. Fitted in the Ultra adjustable stock it is designed to compete a various field target shooting disciplines. Unlike the regular Streamline, this model is fitted with the 1:18 Smooth Twist X (STX) barrel – allowing for inserting different twist rate barrel core. Barrel liners available in your choice of twist for around £100.00
The Smooth Twist X barrel in externally pressed to form rifling, leaving a clean internal surface which reduces friction on pellets, and scratches to surface . The pellet keeps it shape better and less lead debris left behind. On the X Barrel line the twist is applied to he entire barrels length rather the last few inches as a original smooth twist. This makes the barrel less pellet fussy and increases accuracy.
Length: 915 – 1015 mm
Weight: 3.4– 3.7 kg
Barrel:  500 mm – Full Length Smooth Twist X Barrel
Barrel Twist rate 1:18 inch
Power:  Approx. 11.5 ft/lbs (Multi Calibre Power Switch with Low Power 5.5 ft/lb settings also)

Box Contents:

  • Dreamline STX .177 Single Shot
  • 20 MOA Riser Rail
  • Weight Bar (3 Weights)
  • Quick Fill Probe 1/8 BSP
  • Tools

Black, Laminate, Red


Right Handed, Left Handed


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