New HD 3-12×44 Side Focus – Illuminated –  First Focal Plane –  Compact 240 mm / 9.5 inches long

ACZ / FX Dreamline FT Hunting.

Comes with same adjustable hamster as FT/HFT versions, fully adjustable butt section now with rubber butt pad.  It has a 20 MOA riser rail to fit over the large Mega magazine, but is also supplied with a Single Shot tray. Available in .177 and .22 calibres – £1249.00

New Stocks and Packages

The new Hunter stock is available as a Dreamline Package or as a stock for Streamline/Dreamline, AA S4/5 XX, HW100 and CZ452/455/456.

The ACZ/FX Dreampup is available as a complete package, and soon as kit for other models of Dreamlines.

CORVID-19 – Show room is closed to customers. Online and telephone orders are being fulfilled as normal. Airgun deliveries are difficult at present, please contact us for details.

Red receiving his Ataman M2R Sport Field Target – Prize from World Field Target Championships 2019 kindly supplied by sponsors ATAMAN


Well done Russ – and thank you for you sharing your score cards.

ATAMAN Airguns now available – from the BP17 Micro Bullpup to the M2R Sport Field Target air rifle

ATAMAN M2 Sport  had a successful 2019 Field Target Championships.

  •  Two top 10 finishes – 3rd and 7th Overall
  • 1St Place Veteran class

Pictured is S Franklin (7th Overall ) and Veteran winner with ATAMAN M2 Sport FT, and clad in his lovely Sure Shot Leather FT Jacket.

Available for November 2019. ATAMAN M2 Sport airguns will be in stock. Fresh from two TOP TEN World Field Target Championship 2019 finishes. Recording a 3rd and 7th overall, and 1st in Veterans class. New HFT model now available – so hope HFT results will follow soon.

The Aeron ULTRA FT alloy stock gives you all the adjustability you need for precision shooting. Available for AA S4/5xx, S200, Weihrauch HW100/101, FX Dreamline/Streamline , Royale 400 and CZ 452/455/456

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