MDE Charging Cylinders


MDE Gun Charging Cylinders come in 3, 4, 5, 7 and 12 Litre sizes and all have a working pressure of 300 bar. They come complete with the MDE Jubilee gun valve that is designed and manufactured specifically with the air-gunner in mind.

The valve features a spring loaded restriction device that is built into the inlet of the valve to aid in safe filling of the gun without impeding the flow into the cylinder at the charging station. The restriction sits downstream of the gauge so it is never affected by a build up of back pressure.

They come with a 500 mm 1/8″ BSP Hose and cylinder Boot as standard.

mde-cylinder-handle (1)                          mde-cylinder-boot                          jubilee-gun-valve-and-hose
  Carry Handle                                    Cylinder Boot                             Valve and  Hose