KOZAK – PCP Bull-pup

KOZAK – PCP Bull-pupkozak450-220-blk-brnkozak330-180-black-black

Model “Kozak” has been made by the ZBROIA Company since October 2014 in Kharkov, Ukraine. This model is the popular Bull-Pup stock with adjustable cheek piece (15 mm adjustment) . The main design criteria of this air gun were Accuracy, Quality, Reliability and Ergonomics.

The air gun is made in either caliber 4,5 and 5,5 mm (.177’ & .22’). Also there are two standard barrels and air reservoir options: 330 mm / 180 ml and 450 mm / 220 ml. Weight of air gun is accordingly – 3,0 and 3,1 kg, length – 710 and 805 mm.

Steel barrels are made by Zbroia, and have 12 grooves. The barrel mounted “floating”, and  has an integrated  barrel shroud  for very effective silencing. Manufacture is kept to strict tolerances to keep shot scattering at a distance 30 meter to less than 20 mm.

The air reservoir – high pressure, was designed by company specialists together with  the Research Institute. Working pressure of reservoir, which is shown on manometer, is 300 Bar ( tested during producing to 495 Bar)

A convenient  quick fill probe port is revealed by unscrewing the cap of the manometer. Accessories include  two filling adapters for filling the air cylinder – a quick fill probe and and adapter for filling cylinder when removed via the valve.

A distinctive feature of reservoir is a built-in high accuracy reducer, which allows shot velocity with around only 1 % variation and provides optimal consumption of compressed air. That is why fully filled reservoir is enough for more than 160 shots.

The reservoir is removable, and can be unscrewed from the action. Scope Mounting uses a  180 mm Picattinni rail which is securely attached to the action, allowing convenient mounting of any optics.

kozak-cheek2   kozak-action2      hortitsia-magazine

PCP “KOZAK” is supplied with two magazines, chamber type, pellet capacity of magazine is 12 (.177′) or 10 (.22’)

The adjustable  trigger is made from high strength steel. The trigger unit is a detachable module. The trigger safety protects from accidental shots. The weight of trigger and trigger travel is fully adjustable. For making adjustments  you need to remove two screws, and take off the trigger unit.

Reliability  of air gun mechanism is assured by using only quality materials from the best European manufactures of spring, rings, manometer. Metal material items are sourced from Austria.

The Kozak is available in Wood or Black stocks in either the 330/180 or 450/220 variants.

Zbroia  products come with a guarantee of at least 10 000 trouble free shots. They come with a 2 year Guarantee.

Manufacturer country Ukraine
Caliber 4,5 ; 5,5 mm (.177 & .22)
Barrel length 330; 450 mm
Energy 16 J / 12 ft/lbs
Dimensions W x L x H 710 / 805 x 50 x 186 mm
Weight 3.0 /  3.1 kG
Magazine capacity 12 / 10 pellets
Barrel (characteristics) Steel, 12 grooves
Value of reservoir 180 ml / 220 ml
Working pressure 300 bar
Diameter of filling port 6 mm
Stock Wood, type Bull-Pup
adjustment of stock Cheek piece 0 – 15 mm
Trigger pull adjustment 1.1 – 11 N
trigger adjustment 1- 4.0 ± 0.3 mm