Hunter Field Target

Hunter Field Target or HFT, is an air rifle shooting discipline using any  sub 12 ft/lb air rifles. It involves shooting 30 metal targets placed in a hunting type environment, nearly always in natural woodland and fields. The targets have a “hit zone”, often a black circle within a white or yellow faceplate, and hitting this will knock the target down. The target can then be reset by pulling a string. The sizes of the targets and sizes of the kill zones vary, and targets can be placed at distances of 8 yards to 45 yards in a UKAHFT spec competition.

OPEN class is for all .177 calibre PCP,Pneumatic or recoilless air rifles. They are fitted with a rifle scope of around 9 – 12  x Magnification, which cannot be adjusted during a competition. The preferred choice is a sub 12 ft/lb , single shot model, or one where a single shot loading tray can be fitted. The below rifles and scopes are ideal for this shooting sport:

Please call for advice is unsure what would be required to start HFT.

AIR RIFLES – a choice is available here

Many models are suitable for HFT. We offer the FX Dreamline action fitted to our ACZ ULTRA stock – with single shot loading tray, and now the dedicated ATAMAN M2R Sport HFT – offering superb match trigger, and pellet on pellet accuracy.



A wide choice of Optical Scopes for HFT are available. Popular choices are low power (6-10x magnification) scopes. They cannot be adjusted during competition, so multiple hold over points are needed. Also, smaller objectives are preferred, using low mounts to keep scope close to barrel centre. Our new Discovery VT- AO, VT-2, HD10x44 and VT-3 4-14×44 FFP are more than suitable.

VT-3 3-12×44 FFP Compact – only 10 inches long
HD10x44SFIR  – fixed power with illumination

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Package prices available for Glove, Mat, Kneeling Cushion – email or call for details