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Latest 4th Generation Design features:
1. Less Effort, we have made the MK4 pump even easier to pump.
2. High Volume, we have kept the highest volume output so less pumping.
3. Field Service, you can strip the pump in the field quickly with few tools.
4. Hill Warranty, each pump carries the Hill Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Patented, Hill Dry Pack gives 90% Dry Air, great for your gun. Dry Pac pumps come with 2 Dry-Pac sachets.

We stock two versions of the pumps:
  1. DIN 200 adapter for charging of removable Air cylinders – attach direct to base.
  2. 1/8″ bsp connection on a 450 mm flexible hose.
    Some air guns may require additional adapters.

    PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ONLY SUPPLY DRY PAC Model – many manufactures insist on DRY air to maintain warranty and avoid moisture in air cylinder.

 MK4 HILL AIR PUMP with DRY PAC   – and Accessories
 MK4 with 200 DryPac 4128-555 Main           Dry_Pac_Refill