Hamsters and accesories

A range of rests to fit the accessory rial of you stock:

Ultimate FT “Hamster” Palm rest – Available in Black or Laminate

 Hamster adj

Ultimate BR Plates 2″ or 3″

IMGP6972 IMGP6973

Ultimate Bench Rest adjustable Alloy plate – Available in 50mm / 2″ or 75mm / 3″ wide versions. Designed for the ACZ Ultra Stock, but will fit most accessory rails. The plate can be mounted in 2 positions on the plate.

Fixed BR Plates


Fixed Bench rest alloy plate, available in 50mm / 2″ or 75mm / 3″ widths.  The plate can be mounted in 2 positions on the plate.

Ultimate – adjustment piece (without FT or BR rest)


Attachment Parts:

Accessory Rail mounted Weaver mount


This 100 mm long weaver rail fits into the lower accessory rail to allow mounted  of various attachments.

Side Weaver Rail (Pair)

Side weaver rail attaches to the side of the ACZ Ultra Stock – alloying attachment of lamps etc

Bi-pod/Sling adapter


This adapter fits into the lower rail, and has a stud to allow the attachment of a Bi-pod or Sling

Raiser Rail – 20 MOA Picatinny Rail (attaches to 11 mm rail)


The pistol grip, cheek piece and hamster food parts are available in Black, Red, Beech and Laminate.


Wood set ( Black, Red, Beech)  – £89.00  (Individual Parts £29.99each)

Wood Set ( Laminate)                 – £99.00  (Individual Parts £34.99 each)

Cerakote Stock Finishes.

We can supply your stock finished in the following colours – price from £120.00