SSG1002 aSSG1002 B
Half Finger Leather glove  (version of above), with elastic cuff – colours may vary.
Price: £22.50

Half finger Mesh glove with leather panels and rubber grip back and palm, with elasticated wrist cuff. Ideal for when more ventilation needed in the summer.
Black/Grey and Black/Olive Green.
Price: £22.50

NEW ISSF Half Finger gloves

NEW Champ Half-finger glove
New Finger-less target glove – Leather/Suede – Blue/Grey
Price: £22.50

Half finger leather glove, dimpled back and palm grip and elasticated cuff. Designed for indoor ISSF target shooting. Available in Black, Black/Blue and Black/Red.
Price: £22.50

BIO-GEL Gloves
This new concept of glove for the support hand of the target/sport shooter represents a new development of shooting gloves.

Standard models of gloves are designed to provide maximum padding all round. This meant that the support hand became clumsy and made only minimal contact with the rifle.
The new Sure Shot Gel glove achieves the padding effect through individual Biogel pads integrated into the palm and the back of the glove, keeping the hand supple and considerably improves tactile contact to the rifle.  The Bio-gel pads are under embossed stippled finish leather to increase grip and reduce risk of slipping. Cuffs are elasticated.