Field Target

Field target (FT) is a safe, exacting and challenging outdoor shooting sport. Silhouette shape targets have a ‘hit’ zone with a maximum diameter of 45 mm are used.  A normal competition course consists of 40 targets set out at random ranges of between 9 and 50 metres (10 to 55 yards). One shot per target is allowed, with one point being awarded if the target is successfully knocked over.  The most popular equipment for FT is a less than 12 ft/lb, .177 Calibre air rifle fitted with high magnification telescopic sights.

Here are some of our products that can be used:
Air Rifles

We offer a range of Field Target specific air rifles.

Custom Stocks

ACZ ULTRA STOCK for Air Arms S400/410/500/510 inc MPR and HFT500, Weihrauch HW100 and FX Dreamline/Streamline/Royale

NEWS: New FT Adjustable BUTT and Fore End Adjuster coming soon!!


New Discovery 10-50×60 project is underway. We hope to have these available 2020. Hope to have some test models in soon – and will get some top shooter to test.