Ultra Custom stock


The ULTRA stock is available to fit your Air Arms S4/S5 series, FX Dreamline/Streamline / Royale 400, Weihrauch HW100/101 Airgun models and also CZ Rimfire 452/455 model. New CZ457 Sport stock available now.


It has a fully adjustable rear section. Fore section has a UIT Rail for attaching adjustable “hamster” or bipod fittings.

Key Features

  • The ACZ Ultra is a fully adjustable stock designed to improve your shooting.
  • The stock is made from high strength Duralumin AW7070.
  • The FT stock weighs in at a little under 1900 grams (with the Optional weight bar it weighs up to 2.2 kg).
  • It is finished in a hard black anodized coating with a thickness of 50 microns.
  • The stocks are installed easily
  • The cheek piece, pistol grip and palm rest are made of wood, available in finishes – Black paint finish or Wood Laminate.
  • Fully adjustable for length of pull (13 cm) from 24-37 cm approx., and butt angle. cheek piece height (7cm)
  • Fully adjustable Ultimate hamster
  • UIT accessory rail

NEW options: As well as the FT model, there is now the BR model. The FT model comes with fully adjustable rear end and wood hamster. The BR model has a length of pull adjustment (7 cm – from approx. 29-36 cm) on the rear butt, and cheek piece height adjustment (2 cm – optional 4cm), and comes with an adjustable bench plate (2 or 3 inch width). The BR model without the Adjustable rest is available as the Hunter Model.

FT Model with optional Riser rail, weights and bipod adapter.  BR / Hunter model

Accessories  available as options include: Weight Bar, Bipod Stud, Picatinny Bipod rail, 20 MOA Riser rail and Side Weaver rails. Also for Bench Rest it can be supplied with 2 or 3 inch wide alloy plate in place of wood grip.

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Currently out of production

CERAKOTE custom finish to stocks available – extra £140 at time of order

ULTRA Stock in Burnt Bronze