Modern Pentathlon

The Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon comprises the contemporary sports of pistol shooting, fencing, swimming, horse riding and running. The final Combined Run / Shoot segment requires the competitors to shoot Mechanical knock down targets with an Air Pistols, or an Electronic target with a single shot Laser pistol.

We offer a range of Laser Pistols, Targets and Conversion kits that meet Modern Pentathlons latest UIPM regulations.

The PENTASHOT company develops and manufactures equipment for Modern Pentathlon laser shooting.
Their best references are the results of athletes in competitions all over the world! For example, the victory of Laura Asadauskaite and David Svoboda at the London Olympics 2012.

Eye Blinder
Red headband with flip up eye blinder – comes with opaque and grey inserts – all in plastic case.
Price: £17.50