Hamsters and accesories

A range of rests to fit the accessory rial of you stock.


Ultimate FT “Hamster” Palm rest – Available in Black,Beech, Laminate and Red
IMGP6998 Hamster adj
Price £75.00

Ultimate FT Alloy Rest
Available with Regular Bars for Alloy stock, short bars for wood stocks, and extra long.
Price: £75.00

Ultimate BR Plates 2″ or 3″
IMGP6972 IMGP6973
Ultimate Bench Rest adjustable Alloy plate – Available in 50mm / 2″ or 75mm / 3″ wide versions. Designed for the ACZ Ultra Stock, but will fit most accessory rails. The plate can be mounted in 2 positions on the plate.
Price: £75.00

Fixed BR Plates
Fixed Bench rest alloy plate, available in 50mm / 2″ or 75mm / 3″ widths. The base of the plate sits 90mm below the barrel centre. The plate can be mounted in 2 positions on the plate.
Price: £50.00

Ultimate – adjustment piece (without FT or BR rest)

IMGP7001Price £50.00

Accessories – attachments

Accessory Rail mounted Weaver mount
This 100 mm long weaver rail fits into the lower accessory rail to allow mounted  of various attachments.
Price £17.50

Bi-pod/Sling adapter
This adapter fits into the lower rail, and has a stud to allow the attachment of a Bi-pod or Sling
Price £10.00