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Discovery Accessories

Smart Phone – Scope Adapter
The smartphone adapter is available in two versions to fit scopes with eyepiece diameters between 38-43 mm and 43-48 mm. The image you see normally through the scope is now on your smartphone camera. You can take pictures and videos (even shoot with a recoiless PCP) using the adapter. Universal phone holder adjusts to hold all phone sizes
Price: £69.99 

Bubble Level –  Attaches to the scope tube to allow gun to be kept level for maximum accuracy. Available to fit 1″, 30mm and 34 mm tubes. The NEW version is lighter, thinner and easier to fit – and pointer helps level more accurately.

1″ Tube                  £12.99
30 mm tube           £14.99
34 mm tube           £15.99

Scope Level and Angle Indicator
Price: £49.99
Fits both 1 inch and 30 mm scope tubes

Mount System (Weaver/Picattiny fitting)
Price: £49.99
For Weaver/Picatinny rail mounting – will hold 1″ and 30mm scope tubes

Silica Eye Shade
Price: £5.99