Ultra Custom stock

      Available to fit:
  • Air Arms S400/410/500/510 inc HFT500 and MPR
  • AA S200 / CZ200
  • FX Royale 400/500
  •  Weihrauch HW100
  • FX Streamline 
The ACZ Ultra  is a fully adjustable stock designed to improve your shooting.
  • The stock is made from high strength Duralumin AW7070.
  • The FT stock weighs in at 2050 g (with the additional weight bar it weighs 2.4 kg).
  • It is  finished in a hard black anodized coating with a thickness of 50 microns.
  • The stocks are installed easily
  • The cheek piece, pistol grip and palm rest are made of wood, available in several finishes – Black lacquer, Beech, Red and Black/Grey Laminate.
  • Fully adjustable for length of pull (10 cm), butt angle. cheek  piece height
  • Fully adjustable Utlimate hamster
  • UIT accessory rail
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 To Fit –  Air Arms S400/410/500/510


Hamster adjUltra FT – Ultimate
The Field Target version has a wooden Ultimate Palm rest (Hamster) that slides along the length of bottom stock section using a UIT rail, and that can be adjusted in height and tilt. The rear butt is fully adjustable, and can even be tilted to act as a butt hook. Comes with fitting screw, instructions and tools.
ULTRA FT – Ultimate                                        £429.00               
Weight Bar (3 weights)                                  + £ 20.00                
Ultra FT colours

Wood – Black, Red and Beech          Laminate – Black/Grey

Please specify Right or Left handed version when ordering.   
Bi-pod / Sling stud adapter                                    £10.00
Side Weaver Rails 155 mm                                      £20.00 pair
UIT Rail lower Weaver rail 100 mm                          £17.50

S4/500 Stocks (Right Hand)


Customers HFT 500 fitted out for FT

Weihrauch HW100 – IN STOCK NOW!

Price: £429.00 including Ultimate Hamster

HW100 Stocks (Right Hand)

ULTRA  AA/CZ S200 Stock
S200 stock S200 trigger2
Ultra Stock for the Air Arms / CZ S200 air rifle. Comes complete with Target Trigger Kit and Ultimate hamster.
Ultra S200 stock:                                      £395.00 (including trigger kit)
Weight Bar:                                               £ 20.00
Bi-pod/Sling stud                                      £ 10.00
Side Weaver Rails 155 mm                          £20.00 pair
UIT Rail lower Weaver rail 100 mm              £17.50

S200 Stock

Stock Length: 685-785 mm (Short 630-730 mm) (Bench Rest 740 mm)
Weight: 2400 g inc weights (Short 2040 g)
FT Palm Rest depth (from barrel center): Ultimate 133-173 mm, Standard 118 mm


Ultimate FT / BR Plates
IMGP6972 IMGP6970IMGP6998

Accessory Rail mounted Weaver mount
This 100 mm long weaver rail fits into the lower accessory rail to allow mounted  of various attachments.
Price £17.50

Side 155 mm Weaver Rails
Side Weaver Rails – one can be fitted either side of the Ultra stocks front section for mounting of various accessories.
Price: £20 / pair

Bi-pod/Sling adapter
This adapter fits into the lower rail, and has a stud to allow the attachment of a Bi-pod or Sling
Price £10.00

Set of Wood
Pistol Grip, Cheek Piece and front palm rest.
Wood              £75.00
Laminate        £90.00
Individual Wood Parts available.
Price:                                       Wood                                  Laminate
Pistol Grip                                            £25                                             £30.00
Cheek Piece                                         £25                                             £30.00
Front palm rest                                    £25                                             £30.00

Custom Models

Prices from £529.00 – call for details