AERON CZ are a based in the city of Brno, Czech Republic. This is a company with over 20 years experience in manufacturing sporting air pistols and modification and repair of air weapons.


New ACZ301 Black Mamba – Available June 2017

 The Black Mamba (BM) is a fully regulated single shot air rifle. It has a side lever action engaging the bolt which contains the transfer port. This gives rise to the Multi Calibre option to swap the barrel between the .177 and .22 available.


The FT Ultra has the fully adjustable alloy stock that has proved popular with target shooter as our Custom Stock for other brands. It come with adjustable “hamster” rest, weight bar to adjust balance,  removable 220 Bar air cylinder with gauge and quick fill, giving up to 135 shots, all in a hard case with tools.

Price:  £1099.00

Black Mamba 15mm Barrel  – .177 and .22 available (interchangeable) 
Price: £120.00

AERON cz Barrel Blanks – Hammer Forged / Chocked  – 520 mm long
15 mm OD – .177 / .22                £120.00
16 mm OD – .177                        £120.00

Custom Target Shooting Stocks
IMGP6525S200 stock

IMGP7147 IMGP7143
AA S200 / CZ200 Trigger Kit – Long
Price: £25.00

AERON FT and BR shooting accessories
Utimate FT “Hamster”
IMGP6998Hamster adj
Wood rest/grip to fit accessory rail. Designed fore the Ultra FT stock, it will fit most accessory rails on other makes such as Steyr and FWB.
Price: £75.00

Ultimate BR Plates
IMGP6972 IMGP6973
Ultimate Bench Rest adjustable Alloy plate – Available in 50mm / 2″ or 75mm / 3″ wide versions. Designed for the ACZ Ultra Stock, but will fit most accessory rails. The plate can be mounted in 2 positions on the plate.
Price: £75.00

Fixed BR Plates
Fixed Bench rest alloy plate, available in 50mm / 2″ or 75mm / 3″ widths. The base of the plate sits 90mm below the barrel centre. The plate can be mounted in 2 positions on the plate.
Price: £45.00


Accessory Rail mounted Weaver mount
This 100 mm long weaver rail fits into the lower accessory rail to allow mounted  of various attachments.
Also available with 155 mm long weaver rail (Side rail will also fit on the adapter)
Price £17.50

Side 155 mm Weaver Rails
Side Weaver Rails – one can be fitted either side of the Ultra stocks front section for mounting of various accessories.
Price: £10 each

Bi-pod/Sling adapter
This adapter fits into the lower rail, and has a stud to allow the attachment of a Bi-pod or Sling
Price £10.00

Accessories – attachments



The silencer is designed for airguns with energy up to 16J and for the calibers from .177 to .25. Its body is made from aircraft grade aluminium and the inside made of tough plastics, both are CNC machined to keep high accuracy.
The silencer can be mounted on all the airguns mentioned above which are equipped with the thread 1/2″x20UNF or to a choice of 14, 15, 16 mm barrels. The silencer is maintenance-free and its parts are non rewire-able.
Price: £40.00

Please note this item cannot be sent direct, but needs to be collected from a Registered Firearms Dealer.

110 g
Mounting – 4 options:
1/2 “x 20 UNF or 14, 15, and 16 mm barrels
      Body – EN AW6060 / Inside – POM C
Sound Suppression:
-26 To -30 db
This silencer can be used only on the airguns with an energy maximum 12ft/lbs -16J and with calibers from .177 to .25.


An exciting new air rifle will be released soon – contact me if you want the latest news….